New Mexico’s Beauty

My name is Everson Cruz, and I am a Freshman from Whittier, California, studying Materials Engineering. My first couple of days at Tech were rough because I didn’t have many friends, and I didn’t have any mode of transportation. Being from California, I had no idea what New Mexico had to offer, but that changed September 4th of 2016, when I had my first adventure in the Magdalena Mountains.

I met a fellow Eagle Scout during Lunch on that Saturday, and he mentioned to me how his friends and him explore various areas surrounding Socorro. I was immediately interested, and I ended up accompanying them and two other friends of theirs on an adventure to the Magdalena Mountains. The mountain range is in the town of Magdalena, which is about 30 miles West of Socorro. Our goal was to make it to the top of the mountain, and stop to check out the various mines on the way up. Little did I know that one of them was a Mineral Engineering student, so his passion was studying and observing mines. As we drove up, I was being told the history of the town, as well as their past experiences while exploring other places. The driver of the Land Rover was the President of the Off-Roading club at New Mexico Tech, so he had quite the amount of stories regarding his close calls while driving, and his various expeditions and findings.


The remains of what used to be the tracks for the mining carts.


As we drove up, we stopped to look at the mines that were near the trail, and also stopped to take breathtaking shots of the views, which only got better as we increased in altitude. It was a bumpy ride, and at times a little nerve-racking. The best part of this trip was looking for the mines off to the side of the trail, and obtaining that rush of excitement from the search. In addition to that, we encountered what used to be a camp for the miners, that is now abandoned and partly destroyed. When we got to the top, we made sure to pose on top of the mountain, because as you could see, the view is spectacular. The elevation at the highest point of the mountain is roughly 10,800 feet above sea level, so walking around up top was definitely scary. On our way down, we stopped again several times to look for the some of the mines we did not find on the way up.

What a view and completely worth the bumpy ride.


As Tech students, we are very fortunate that there are so many people with different passions and hobbies. For most people here, there is a club that allows them to keep doing what they love in their free time and if there is not one, they make sure to start one. In my case, the passion that I wanted to realize, was that of exploration and discovery, especially because I am an out of state student.


Picture Perfect!!




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