20150817_190021Whether you prefer a traditional recurve or a powerful compound bow, archery is a great way to get outside, get some exercise, and have fun with target practice. I didn’t learn to shoot a bow until late in my Freshman year of college when I was given hand-me-down recurve and compound bows. Once I was taught to shoot, I was hooked. Archery is now one of my favorite pastimes and outdoor hobbies.

There are many places both on and off campus to work on your groupings. An on-campus option that I participated in was taking an archery course. Don’t worry-there’s no homework. We’d just meet in the Student Activity Center and shoot at some targets. An off-campus option that my friends and I do re20170130_171523gularly is going out to the Socorro shooting range just south of town. There are wide open ranges where we would shoot at obstacles already there, or bring our own archery targets. When we first arrive we always pace off the yardage that we would like to shoot and mark it with the target. I sometimes take snacks and play music from the car while each of us tries to get the smallest grouping. The Socorro shooting range is very near to a ranch so it’s not uncommon for a stray cow to make its way to the berms. When this happens we have a snack, give our arms a break, and wait for it to get a safe distance from the targets. When the sun goes down, I pack up the bows and head back for a movie at home with friends.

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