NMT Volleyball Club

New Mexico Tech has several sports clubs that students have the opportunity to participate in. The NMT Volleyball Club is a great way to get your head out of the books and get active in the evenings. Athletes of every level are welcome to play and participate in club practices and tournaments.

Since I was a student athlete in high school, I wanted to continue to play volleyball when I came to New Mexico Tech. When I discovered the NMT Volleyball Club, it was the perfect opportunity to continue to improve my athleticism while still having time to focus on my academics. Students have the option to be as active in the club as they choose to be. You can attend practices twice a week for some exercise, or you can choose to play in tournaments with the club as often as you’d like. NMT Volleyball Club also travels to Albuquerque, NM every couple of weeks to play in an ongoing tournament called Lobo League. The club also puts on several tournaments right here in Socorro like the Sweetheart’s Tournament in February where you and your valentine can play in a coed tournament with another couple. Several of these tournaments offer prizes to the top teams, but regardless of your skill level it’s always a fun time to spend a weekend playing volleyball with friends.

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