Ecology Lab

As a biology student at Tech I can definitely say that one of my favorite things are the labs. You get to work in labs starting from the basic biology courses. In my first biology class we had the chance to learn a lot of different things like how to use a microscope and micropipettes correctly, as well as how to perform gel electrophoresis on DNA samples, and extract DNA from crushed fruit. In Biology 2 we dissected different things like earthworms, frogs and a mink. This semester I am taking an Ecology class with the lab, focusing more on environmental biology.

For this project we are testing the effects of land waste on plants. We were provided with garbage made of vegetable matter, eggshells, fruit sauce containing sugar, coffee grounds and bakers yeast.  We set 3 week old brassica plants in four jars, watering two of them  with clean water and the other two with watered down garbage liquid.

IMG_7214.jpg  IMG_7211.jpg IMG_7218 (1).jpg

After directly adding the water and garbage solution we closed the jars. We will be measuring gas flux, height and leaf difference of the plants before and after and also taking observations.

The biology department always has great TA’s that help run the labs. One of the nice things at tech is the small class and lab sizes really benefit each student. As a biology student, I definitely recommend New Mexico Tech if you’re interested in pursuing a science degree. It will give you the necessary preparations needed for any future job.

Hopefully this inspired some of you guys!



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