What?? Techies have Fun??

As the night grew older, the bright Carnival lights filled the clear Socorro sky, and the smell of cotton candy permeated the air. It was Friday night, and the New Mexico Tech parking lot between the pool and the athletic field was filled with rides, and fun carnival games for everyone to enjoy.

Contrary to popular belief, Techies do have fun once in a while. In Spring we enjoy ourselves by writing, or should I say, riding fun carnival rides and going to the various events organized by our Student Activities Board. At NMT, we have a week dedicated to having fun, and it goes by the name of “Spring Fling”. This year, it happened to be more than a week, thankfully. Being that the carnival took place after midterms, there was a sense of ease and calmness throughout campus. Spring Fling consists of fun events such as Bubble Soccer, a dunk tank, and a comedy show.

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The Carnival was by far, the most exciting part of Spring Fling in my opinion. Having a Tech ID, and being able to get on any ride for free was the best feeling in the world. Because New Mexico Tech has a very tight relationship with the city of Socorro, it was open to the community as well.

When I talk to prospective students, the question I get asked often is, “What do you guys do for fun on the weekends?”. My response is always, it depends on the person. If you don’t make an attempt to get involved and get out, then you won’t, but if you join a club you will have the opportunity to participate in various events on the weekends.



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