Chemical Engineering Pool Party

One of the most fun facilities available to students at New Mexico Tech is our swimming pool. With Socorro’s warm sunny weather, the pool is a fantastic place to relax and enjoy the warmth! However the Chemical Engineering department put on a pool party and BBQ this weekend was not one of these warm days…

The Chemical Engineering student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers had scheduled an engineering pool party and BBQ was scheduled a month out for Saturday April 29th. As the club was prepping for the event dark clouds began rolling in. The grill was being put together and food was being readied when the raindrops started falling. As the students huddled under the available umbrellas a few brave souls decided that the heated pool was a better option than the frigid air. After about a dozen students had entered the pool the light drizzle transformed into small pea size hailstones. Being on the outside watching those in the pool this is when the scene became pretty cool. As the cold atmosphere contacted the warm pool water, a nice layer of steam began floating off the surface.

This may sound like an awful event but all attendees thoroughly enjoyed themselves with excellent food and lots of laughs. Most of the pool parties at NMT have much better weather with the welcome weekend pool party being the highlight of the welcome weekend! They always have a nice engineering challenge, where students compete making boats out of cardboard and duct tape. All in all the Tech pool is always a fun time!



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