Career Fair

As college students, we often get so caught up in school, that we forget what the purpose of school is. Let me remind you, we are all going to school to obtain a higher education that will ultimately lead us to a successful career whether that be in engineering or not. Internships, are the way to get experience in a respective field, especially as an underclassman, and what a better way to be exposed to opportunities, than by going to a career fair.

In the Fall and Spring, Career Services of New Mexico Tech puts on a Career Fair, which brings companies from all over the state of New Mexico as well as from outside. Government Agencies, military branches, and engineering companies are well represented and offer opportunities and information on internships and jobs.

On Tuesday, September 19, 2017, New Mexico Tech held its Fall Career Fair on the third floor of the Joseph A. Fidel Student Center. According to Career Services, 69 companies attended, and 711 students took part in the event. The fair was from 9 AM until 2 PM, however, there were also presentations later in the afternoon by several companies to answer questions and concerns from students.

Career Fair Overview
Picture Credit: Gabe Montoya

I personally attended the career fair, and was very interested in internship opportunities for next summer. Among the various companies and government agencies I visited was Los Alamos National Labs, SANDIA National labs and Honeywell. It was my third time attending the career fair, and by far the best experience, since I knew what was expected. I was amazed by the amount of companies that sent their representatives. It goes to show that New Mexico Tech attracts recruiters, due to the caliber of students that attend NMT.

This was a great opportunity to put interpersonal skills to the test, or strengthen them. In order to prep for this event, Career Services hosted various workshops leading up to the career fair, from resume writing sessions, to sessions on how to apply for jobs online. They are here to help and assist in any form they can. As a student, feeling supported in your academic and future career endeavors is huge. New Mexico Tech is a small school, and that allows for a more personal one on one session with administrators and advisers on a daily basis.

To take a look at what career service has to offer to students, check out this website in the link below.

New Mexico Tech Career Services Website



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