Take a Picture…

Let me start off by saying our campus is gorgeous. The groundskeepers do a wonderful job of making sure that our campus is an oasis in the desert where we, the students, get to relax. In the midst of all the studying, projects, and research sometimes it’s hard to stop and enjoy the colors that our beautiful campus so peacefully displays.

One of the things I’ve gotten into during my time here at Tech is photography. Walking around with my camera, it becomes easier for me to forget about all the school work and focus on trying to find the perfect place to take a picture. With campus being so vibrant and full of color, I never have to look too hard.


In the spring the tulips are by far some of the prettiest flowers I get to look at. Going for runs around campus becomes a little bit better when the scenery is so pretty. I use the flowers as an excuse to stop and catch my breath.

The fall is no different, the trees are all transitioning from green to red and when it rains the energetic colors seem to burst from the surroundings, bombarding your eyes with intense iridescence. Sometimes I feel as though I’ve been transported to the northeast side of the country where the trees boast their colors, but here I am in small little Socorro, getting my degree in the middle of nowhere.


I think it’s important to enjoy your time wherever you go to study, and you need to find a way to distract yourself and take a break. I do that by taking pictures. It gets me outside and distracts me from homework for a bit, helping relieve the stress of getting a degree in STEM.

Find a way to enjoy everything around you, it’s the little things that keep us sane.

Til next time!


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