Career Fair and Workshops

            I hope everyone is doing good during this new year so far. Here at Tech we are almost one month into our semester. We just had our career fair this week, which is available to all students. There are also a ton of supplementary events to help students get ready for it.

            One of the events that I took part of was their resume writing workshop. There was a lot of good information in what employers are looking for in a resume. One tip they had was include your GPA, if it’s good. I’ve heard this go both ways though. Other workshops that they had were over interviewing skills and preparing students specifically for a virtual career fair. To top it all off they offered resume reviews where they would offer students feedback on their resumes. All of these were offered virtually and the resume reviews were also offered in person.

            I didn’t attend this year since I was working, but I probably should have asked for the time off to do so. It can be very important to get an internship position while you are still in school because it can end up being a big boost in the job-seeking process after graduation. So taking advantage of every opportunity the school provides for internship/job placement is generally a good idea. There is always next semester for me.


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