Alternative Spring Break

Hello readers, Tech students have just come back from one of the sporadic days off we are getting strewn throughout the semester as an alternative to spring break. Our normal spring break has been cancelled due to complications from current events, but I think I might like this more than a traditional week off for spring break.

I would argue having shorter non-routine breaks give greater emotional and logistical benefits than longer duration breaks per unit of time. This is under the condition that you are not going on a vacation during this time, which will not be very feasible during one-day breaks. By having a short non-routine break in the middle of the week one doesn’t get into the routine of being taskless which confers a novelty that allows one to appreciate their break even more. It also side-steps that end of break dread that one might experience at the prospect of having to resume work or school. 

I wish we could have this alternative spring break again next year, but I’m likely in the minority. I’m unaware of the number of students that actually go on a vacation for spring break during a normal year, but even for those that don’t there will be out-of-state students that would like to visit their family. So I wonder what proportion of in-state, non-vacationing students share my opinion on this?

~ Matthew

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