Senior Year… Oh the places you’ll go


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As cliche as it is to use Dr. Seuss to explain the abundance of paths one can take after graduating college, it’s the perfect way to describe how we feel. Having a piece of paper that says you’ve accomplished something is kind of fulfilling, and I’m looking forward to the life my degree affords me. Talking to my fellow seniors, looking back on the four years we’ve spent at this marvelous institution, we’ve come to the conclusion that we wouldn’t change anything about our college career. The endless, mind-numbing hours we’ve spent working on homework and the projects we’ve put together a couple nights before they were due, really were worth it.



This senior year I’ve had the opportunity to do so many things, from road-tripping along the coast of California, visiting the erratic city that is Las Vegas, and finally writing the manuscript to my research paper (making me a published scientist… woo!). I’ve made life-long friends that I’ll be talking to years from now about the incredible moments we had building the foundation for our future.

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My time here at Tech has allowed to me to become someone I’m proud of. As Dr. Seuss said:

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I found my path here at Tech, I’m a Biomedical Science nerd that has a love for science, math, and maybe a little bit of engineering, but I’m also a Ravenclaw (#harrypotter), a member of Team Instinct (#pokemongo), a Marvel fan, a hiker, a runner, but out of all these things that make me who I am, above all, I am a Techie. There’s nothing I can be more proud of.


Good luck future Techies! This is the place to be, trust me!




Performing Arts Series – Popovich Comedy Pet Theater

The New Mexico Tech Performing Arts Series hosts a plethora of performers at the Macey Center Auditorium on campus. Some of these artists include actors, musicians, acrobats, comedians, and many more! These performances are open to NMT students on a first-come-first-serve basis and are a great way to spend an evening.

I had the opportunity to attend the Popovich Comedy Pet Theater at New Mexico Tech a couple of weeks ago. The comedy play was about a clumsy business man trying to make his success in the circus. Along the way, he befriends many animals that make his performance a hit.

The animals performing in the show are all adopted from shelters and given a great life travelling the world. The people participating constantly promoted pet adoption and treating animals with respect. The animals did a great job and truly showed their intelligence. The show was so fun to watch and was a great stress-reliever from the tension of midterm exams.

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Greek Life

Alpha Sigma Kappa is the only sorority on campus. It was founded for a safe social environment for girls, a way to tutor and help with the rigorous course load, and for providing community service on campus and to the city of Socorro. We were founded in December 2010 and we represent all majors offered at Tech.


Our sorority chapter has the highest GPA of all the chapters in Alpha Sigma Kappa. We have weekly study sessions, as well as access to cheap textbooks. We also have weekly chapter meetings on Mondays at 7:30 pm for about an hour to discuss fundraising ideas, philanthropy events, and to just catch up with how everyone is doing. One of the great things we have is the big/little program. Every sister receives a “Big Sister” who is assigned based on a common interest or major. The “Big” is responsible for explaining the procedures of the chapter, help navigate her little through her first semesters a Tech, and to encourage her to take an active role in sisterhood.


Alpha Sigma Kappa is great place to make lifelong friendships. A great social we have every semester is Sisterhood Retreat. It is a weekend getaway somewhere in the state to hangout and bond. We have done many events such as hike in Box Canyon, go to the Balloon Fiesta, have a spa day in Albuquerque, and learned how to play archery in Cloudcroft. Sisterhood Retreat is always completely free for all active sisters and candidates.

The sorority is great club for any girl on campus to find friends, engage in philanthropy events, and join a sisterhood. Anyone and everyone is welcome, so come to one of our meetings to find out more about Alpha Sigma Kappa-Women in Technical Studies.




Dancing the Night Away

This is my first semester at New Mexico Tech and my third year in college. I have lived in Socorro for almost two years now and with all of the different clubs Tech has to offer, I am never out of things to do. One of the most fun and relaxing clubs is the Ballroom Dance Club, or more loosely known as Swing Dance.


Swing Dance is a club that meets every Thursday from about 7 pm to 10 pm.  If you have never danced, but have always wanted to learn you are welcome to join. The people who help organize and are active in the club  can  teach you how to dance. Every time I go, it is such a welcoming and judgement-free environment. At 8 the lights go off and the party begins. You have people from all majors and all ages who are welcomed to come and just hang out with friends and dance! It’s a great way to meet new people, relax for a couple hours and just let the world slip away. If you are a current student and you have not gone yet, you should definitely consider going! 

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Box Canyon is located 10 minutes southwest of Socorro and is a popular location to go hiking, rock climbing, and bouldering. Bouldering is a type of rock climbing that is done without using ropes or harnesses. It is definitely one of the best places in New Mexico to go bouldering. Here in Socorro there is a very large climbing community. With the climbing club and climbing classes tech offers there are always plenty of people to make a weekend trip with.


A couple of crash pads to fall on and some spotters are always a good idea.


The best time to go is now in the spring before it gets too hot. If you want a little bit more practice during the week, our tech gym has a bouldering cave that is perfect for training and gaining strength before going out and trying the real rocks. For those that have never learned or have forgotten the basics and are interested, New Mexico Tech offers great classes for teaching students what they need to get going.




In April there is going to be a bouldering competition held in Box Canyon. Everyone is welcome to participate. The different levels will include beginner, intermediate and advanced. Even if you just want to spend nice day outdoors Box Canyon is perfect for that. Be sure to look around while you’re there, you don’t want to miss the views!



Take a Picture…

Let me start off by saying our campus is gorgeous. The groundskeepers do a wonderful job of making sure that our campus is an oasis in the desert where we, the students, get to relax. In the midst of all the studying, projects, and research sometimes it’s hard to stop and enjoy the colors that our beautiful campus so peacefully displays.

One of the things I’ve gotten into during my time here at Tech is photography. Walking around with my camera, it becomes easier for me to forget about all the school work and focus on trying to find the perfect place to take a picture. With campus being so vibrant and full of color, I never have to look too hard.


In the spring the tulips are by far some of the prettiest flowers I get to look at. Going for runs around campus becomes a little bit better when the scenery is so pretty. I use the flowers as an excuse to stop and catch my breath.

The fall is no different, the trees are all transitioning from green to red and when it rains the energetic colors seem to burst from the surroundings, bombarding your eyes with intense iridescence. Sometimes I feel as though I’ve been transported to the northeast side of the country where the trees boast their colors, but here I am in small little Socorro, getting my degree in the middle of nowhere.


I think it’s important to enjoy your time wherever you go to study, and you need to find a way to distract yourself and take a break. I do that by taking pictures. It gets me outside and distracts me from homework for a bit, helping relieve the stress of getting a degree in STEM.

Find a way to enjoy everything around you, it’s the little things that keep us sane.

Til next time!


Music at NMT: U.S. Army Field Band and Soldiers’ Chorus

Last year I had the opportunity of watching an incredible performance by the U.S. Army Field Band and Soldiers’ Chorus in the New Mexico Tech auditorium at Macey Center. The band expertly executed classics such as “The Star Spangled Banner” and “America the Beautiful” to the closing piece “Battle Hymn of the Republic” by William Steffe.


New Mexico Tech student Alex Duff was given the opportunity to play with the Army Field Band at the concert at Macey. Alex plays the trumpet and was enrolled in an orchestra course through the New Mexico Tech Fine Arts Department. Ronna Kalish – Director of the Fine Arts Program at NMT – announced to the music students that the Army Field Band would be performing in Socorro. Alex jumped on the chance to play with such a talented group.

The band gave Alex the piece that he was to play at the concert – “Dogface Soldier.” On the day of the performance he was able to meet the musicians. He was recognized before the performance of the song and was briefly interviewed about his origins in music.


His excellent performance prompted the band to request his continued presence in a second song that night. Alex then played “Stars and Stripes” with the band on a whim, completely by sight-reading. Alex was honored to be part of the band that night and stated, “It was great having the opportunity to play with [them]. They are really good at what they do.”

Signing off,


The Loma Theater

When I think back to the year 2014 I think about to some poignant moments that happened. One being I graduated college, second, I accepted a job at New Mexico Tech, third, I moved to a new town called Socorro, New Mexico. While these are all positive and happy memoirs I reflect upon, I also think about something else that happened in 2014, the Loma Theater closed. As an avid movie lover and one who truly enjoys the movie going experience, I felt sincerely heartbroken at this news. Sure, these days with Redbox and streaming capability I could still enjoy the escape of a cinematic adventure and popcorn if I wanted, but nothing beats a huge screen, epic surround sound, and movie theater popcorn. Ah, movie theater popcorn because honestly Orville Redenbacher from the kitchen microwave can’t even rival actual movie theater popcorn.

Loma 2

Yes, the loss of the Loma Theater was truly a loss for me, but more than that it was a loss for the Socorro community. As I began the journey of becoming a legitimate Socorro resident, I got to hear stories from people born and raised here talk about their memories of the theater. The first movies they saw there, how it once played family friendly movies and more risqué (PG-13 to Rated R) movies at night.

Thankfully, the people of Socorro got some happy news this summer; the Loma Theater was being revived and would once again live to entertain our city. This was thanks in large part to the new President at New Mexico Tech, Dr. Stephen Wells. However, it was truly a community effort to get the Loma marquee to light up Manzanares street once more.

Loma 3

On November 3, 2017 The Loma reopened its doors for its grand opening. The movie played was Thor: Ragnarok and making history for the first time, the movie was played in 3-D. The theater was packed, the popcorn was amazing, and the energy of the theater was electric. It truly was an amazing experience that I’m thankful I got to be apart. Now as a Socorro resident of almost 4 years, I get the great privilege to share my memories of being a part of the grand opening audience. Long live The Loma!

Career Fair

As college students, we often get so caught up in school, that we forget what the purpose of school is. Let me remind you, we are all going to school to obtain a higher education that will ultimately lead us to a successful career whether that be in engineering or not. Internships, are the way to get experience in a respective field, especially as an underclassman, and what a better way to be exposed to opportunities, than by going to a career fair.

In the Fall and Spring, Career Services of New Mexico Tech puts on a Career Fair, which brings companies from all over the state of New Mexico as well as from outside. Government Agencies, military branches, and engineering companies are well represented and offer opportunities and information on internships and jobs.

On Tuesday, September 19, 2017, New Mexico Tech held its Fall Career Fair on the third floor of the Joseph A. Fidel Student Center. According to Career Services, 69 companies attended, and 711 students took part in the event. The fair was from 9 AM until 2 PM, however, there were also presentations later in the afternoon by several companies to answer questions and concerns from students.

Career Fair Overview
Picture Credit: Gabe Montoya

I personally attended the career fair, and was very interested in internship opportunities for next summer. Among the various companies and government agencies I visited was Los Alamos National Labs, SANDIA National labs and Honeywell. It was my third time attending the career fair, and by far the best experience, since I knew what was expected. I was amazed by the amount of companies that sent their representatives. It goes to show that New Mexico Tech attracts recruiters, due to the caliber of students that attend NMT.

This was a great opportunity to put interpersonal skills to the test, or strengthen them. In order to prep for this event, Career Services hosted various workshops leading up to the career fair, from resume writing sessions, to sessions on how to apply for jobs online. They are here to help and assist in any form they can. As a student, feeling supported in your academic and future career endeavors is huge. New Mexico Tech is a small school, and that allows for a more personal one on one session with administrators and advisers on a daily basis.

To take a look at what career service has to offer to students, check out this website in the link below.

New Mexico Tech Career Services Website



Teaching Opportunities at Tech

One of the greatest opportunities NMT has given me is the option to earn my teaching license through an Alternative Licensure Program. While completing my engineering degree I can take classes in education to earn my license.



As part of one of my education classes, I have been given an assignment to observe teachers in the classroom and substitute teach for credit. After earning my substitute teaching license I finally stepped foot in the classroom today and taught for the first time at the local high school. I couldn’t have started my teaching career off on a better day. The students were excited to be in school because of an upcoming football game and everyone shone with pride for their school during the pep rally. I was able to interact with students and practice fundamental skills I have learned at New Mexico Tech.

I am beyond elated to have been given this opportunity to learn and forward my career outside of school.

Signing off,