The Loma Theater

When I think back to the year 2014 I think about to some poignant moments that happened. One being I graduated college, second, I accepted a job at New Mexico Tech, third, I moved to a new town called Socorro, New Mexico. While these are all positive and happy memoirs I reflect upon, I also think about something else that happened in 2014, the Loma Theater closed. As an avid movie lover and one who truly enjoys the movie going experience, I felt sincerely heartbroken at this news. Sure, these days with Redbox and streaming capability I could still enjoy the escape of a cinematic adventure and popcorn if I wanted, but nothing beats a huge screen, epic surround sound, and movie theater popcorn. Ah, movie theater popcorn because honestly Orville Redenbacher from the kitchen microwave can’t even rival actual movie theater popcorn.

Loma 2

Yes, the loss of the Loma Theater was truly a loss for me, but more than that it was a loss for the Socorro community. As I began the journey of becoming a legitimate Socorro resident, I got to hear stories from people born and raised here talk about their memories of the theater. The first movies they saw there, how it once played family friendly movies and more risqué (PG-13 to Rated R) movies at night.

Thankfully, the people of Socorro got some happy news this summer; the Loma Theater was being revived and would once again live to entertain our city. This was thanks in large part to the new President at New Mexico Tech, Dr. Stephen Wells. However, it was truly a community effort to get the Loma marquee to light up Manzanares street once more.

Loma 3

On November 3, 2017 The Loma reopened its doors for its grand opening. The movie played was Thor: Ragnarok and making history for the first time, the movie was played in 3-D. The theater was packed, the popcorn was amazing, and the energy of the theater was electric. It truly was an amazing experience that I’m thankful I got to be apart. Now as a Socorro resident of almost 4 years, I get the great privilege to share my memories of being a part of the grand opening audience. Long live The Loma!


Career Fair

As college students, we often get so caught up in school, that we forget what the purpose of school is. Let me remind you, we are all going to school to obtain a higher education that will ultimately lead us to a successful career whether that be in engineering or not. Internships, are the way to get experience in a respective field, especially as an underclassman, and what a better way to be exposed to opportunities, than by going to a career fair.

In the Fall and Spring, Career Services of New Mexico Tech puts on a Career Fair, which brings companies from all over the state of New Mexico as well as from outside. Government Agencies, military branches, and engineering companies are well represented and offer opportunities and information on internships and jobs.

On Tuesday, September 19, 2017, New Mexico Tech held its Fall Career Fair on the third floor of the Joseph A. Fidel Student Center. According to Career Services, 69 companies attended, and 711 students took part in the event. The fair was from 9 AM until 2 PM, however, there were also presentations later in the afternoon by several companies to answer questions and concerns from students.

Career Fair Overview
Picture Credit: Gabe Montoya

I personally attended the career fair, and was very interested in internship opportunities for next summer. Among the various companies and government agencies I visited was Los Alamos National Labs, SANDIA National labs and Honeywell. It was my third time attending the career fair, and by far the best experience, since I knew what was expected. I was amazed by the amount of companies that sent their representatives. It goes to show that New Mexico Tech attracts recruiters, due to the caliber of students that attend NMT.

This was a great opportunity to put interpersonal skills to the test, or strengthen them. In order to prep for this event, Career Services hosted various workshops leading up to the career fair, from resume writing sessions, to sessions on how to apply for jobs online. They are here to help and assist in any form they can. As a student, feeling supported in your academic and future career endeavors is huge. New Mexico Tech is a small school, and that allows for a more personal one on one session with administrators and advisers on a daily basis.

To take a look at what career service has to offer to students, check out this website in the link below.

New Mexico Tech Career Services Website



Teaching Opportunities at Tech

One of the greatest opportunities NMT has given me is the option to earn my teaching license through an Alternative Licensure Program. While completing my engineering degree I can take classes in education to earn my license.



As part of one of my education classes, I have been given an assignment to observe teachers in the classroom and substitute teach for credit. After earning my substitute teaching license I finally stepped foot in the classroom today and taught for the first time at the local high school. I couldn’t have started my teaching career off on a better day. The students were excited to be in school because of an upcoming football game and everyone shone with pride for their school during the pep rally. I was able to interact with students and practice fundamental skills I have learned at New Mexico Tech.

I am beyond elated to have been given this opportunity to learn and forward my career outside of school.

Signing off,


Finals Week Is Here Again

It’s that time of the semester again. The time when stress runs high and sleep runs low. All of the semester’s hard work converges to now. It’s finals week. 20170509_114700

Final exams are taken the last week of the semester at NMT, but it’s not the only thing occurring on campus. Every semester NMT puts on multiple events that encourage students to do well on their exams and help to relieve stress. Free massages, Rent-A-Puppy, kittens, and movie nights are only a few of the things to participate in20170509_114231 to help you refocus and buckle down on final exams.

I was finally able to break away from the monotony of studying and working this week to go hold some kittens and rent a puppy.

There were students gathered around the kitten pen waiting their turn to play with one and walking their rented puppies. After working through multiple final projects for my classes, playing with the animals helped me to reset for my final exams.

Signing off,


Chemical Engineering Pool Party

One of the most fun facilities available to students at New Mexico Tech is our swimming pool. With Socorro’s warm sunny weather, the pool is a fantastic place to relax and enjoy the warmth! However the Chemical Engineering department put on a pool party and BBQ this weekend was not one of these warm days…

The Chemical Engineering student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers had scheduled an engineering pool party and BBQ was scheduled a month out for Saturday April 29th. As the club was prepping for the event dark clouds began rolling in. The grill was being put together and food was being readied when the raindrops started falling. As the students huddled under the available umbrellas a few brave souls decided that the heated pool was a better option than the frigid air. After about a dozen students had entered the pool the light drizzle transformed into small pea size hailstones. Being on the outside watching those in the pool this is when the scene became pretty cool. As the cold atmosphere contacted the warm pool water, a nice layer of steam began floating off the surface.

This may sound like an awful event but all attendees thoroughly enjoyed themselves with excellent food and lots of laughs. Most of the pool parties at NMT have much better weather with the welcome weekend pool party being the highlight of the welcome weekend! They always have a nice engineering challenge, where students compete making boats out of cardboard and duct tape. All in all the Tech pool is always a fun time!


What?? Techies have Fun??

As the night grew older, the bright Carnival lights filled the clear Socorro sky, and the smell of cotton candy permeated the air. It was Friday night, and the New Mexico Tech parking lot between the pool and the athletic field was filled with rides, and fun carnival games for everyone to enjoy.

Contrary to popular belief, Techies do have fun once in a while. In Spring we enjoy ourselves by writing, or should I say, riding fun carnival rides and going to the various events organized by our Student Activities Board. At NMT, we have a week dedicated to having fun, and it goes by the name of “Spring Fling”. This year, it happened to be more than a week, thankfully. Being that the carnival took place after midterms, there was a sense of ease and calmness throughout campus. Spring Fling consists of fun events such as Bubble Soccer, a dunk tank, and a comedy show.

Displaying IMG_4047.JPG

The Carnival was by far, the most exciting part of Spring Fling in my opinion. Having a Tech ID, and being able to get on any ride for free was the best feeling in the world. Because New Mexico Tech has a very tight relationship with the city of Socorro, it was open to the community as well.

When I talk to prospective students, the question I get asked often is, “What do you guys do for fun on the weekends?”. My response is always, it depends on the person. If you don’t make an attempt to get involved and get out, then you won’t, but if you join a club you will have the opportunity to participate in various events on the weekends.


Ecology Lab

As a biology student at Tech I can definitely say that one of my favorite things are the labs. You get to work in labs starting from the basic biology courses. In my first biology class we had the chance to learn a lot of different things like how to use a microscope and micropipettes correctly, as well as how to perform gel electrophoresis on DNA samples, and extract DNA from crushed fruit. In Biology 2 we dissected different things like earthworms, frogs and a mink. This semester I am taking an Ecology class with the lab, focusing more on environmental biology.

For this project we are testing the effects of land waste on plants. We were provided with garbage made of vegetable matter, eggshells, fruit sauce containing sugar, coffee grounds and bakers yeast.  We set 3 week old brassica plants in four jars, watering two of them  with clean water and the other two with watered down garbage liquid.

IMG_7214.jpg  IMG_7211.jpg IMG_7218 (1).jpg

After directly adding the water and garbage solution we closed the jars. We will be measuring gas flux, height and leaf difference of the plants before and after and also taking observations.

The biology department always has great TA’s that help run the labs. One of the nice things at tech is the small class and lab sizes really benefit each student. As a biology student, I definitely recommend New Mexico Tech if you’re interested in pursuing a science degree. It will give you the necessary preparations needed for any future job.

Hopefully this inspired some of you guys!


NMT Volleyball Club

New Mexico Tech has several sports clubs that students have the opportunity to participate in. The NMT Volleyball Club is a great way to get your head out of the books and get active in the evenings. Athletes of every level are welcome to play and participate in club practices and tournaments.

Since I was a student athlete in high school, I wanted to continue to play volleyball when I came to New Mexico Tech. When I discovered the NMT Volleyball Club, it was the perfect opportunity to continue to improve my athleticism while still having time to focus on my academics. Students have the option to be as active in the club as they choose to be. You can attend practices twice a week for some exercise, or you can choose to play in tournaments with the club as often as you’d like. NMT Volleyball Club also travels to Albuquerque, NM every couple of weeks to play in an ongoing tournament called Lobo League. The club also puts on several tournaments right here in Socorro like the Sweetheart’s Tournament in February where you and your valentine can play in a coed tournament with another couple. Several of these tournaments offer prizes to the top teams, but regardless of your skill level it’s always a fun time to spend a weekend playing volleyball with friends.

Signing off,


Scanning Electron Microscopy

Hi Everybody,

Most of our blog posts have been about fun things to do outside of school; this post will be about one of the many exciting courses offered at New Mexico Tech. This semester I am taking Materials Engineering 483, Scanning Electron Microscopy. This course is all about teaching students the proper way to use a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).

SEM is a microscope that uses electrons instead of light to form an image. The microscope uses an electron gun, a device that runs current through a tungsten filament until the filament emits electrons. This beam of electrons is then sent down a column of apertures, micrometer sized openings  in a metal sheet, to narrow the beam and lenses to control the SEM DIAGRAMbeam spreading . The SEM lenses are actually electromagnets instead of shaped glass like light microscopes. The lenses create magnetic fields to focus the electrons and keep them on the right path. The electron beam then hits the sample where some really fun science happens and electrons are bounced off the sample or replace electrons in the atom and emit a characteristic X-ray. These electrons are collected by different detectors and an image is formed where intensity of the signal, the amount of electrons collected, is transformed to a black and white scale, lighter areas mean more electrons. The characteristic x-rays are used to identify individual elements within a sample.

In the SEM course students learn all about how the SEM works with the ultimate goal of the students using the microscope on a personal research project throughout the course along with completing a couple of assigned lab. The images below are from my first assigned lab, we were required to image an eggshell and a metal fracture surface. My group chose a broken support piece from a jet engine.

Jet Engine Fracture 25x

The eggshell image surprises most people when they see the structure of what we see as a smooth shell.

Eggshell 700x

My personal research project for the course is analyzing a chondrite meteorite found about 20 miles south of Socorro for a materials engineering professor that really wants to see its structure and what elements are present. Not for any of his research but because like so many of us he’s a little nerdy… okay he’s pretty nerdy and thinks its gonna be something really cool to look at on a micron scale. The SEM course is unique at NMT because it is open to anyone that has a project they need to use the SEM and the class has its own funding to allow the students free use of the microscope instead of being charged ~$100/hour like a private company would. This course is just one of the many opportunities to gain valuable researching experience with an instrument that usually costs hundreds of thousands of dollars available to NMT students.

Hopefully y’all learned a little from this, until next time,



Pygmy Rugby!!!!

Are you a student who wants to continue playing a sport in college? Are you a student who likes traveling and would enjoy playing other rugby clubs from different universities? If you answered yes to either of these questions, the rugby club is the perfect club for you. Pygmy Rugby is the oldest club on campus, and I am fortunate to be a part of this great team. My name is Everson Cruz, and I am a freshman studying Materials Engineering here at New Mexico Tech. Just as many of you looking at our school, I played sports in High school, and I didn’t want to stop being a student-athlete.

The rugby team has taught me so much in the short-span that I have been part of it. It has taught me how to take hits, tackle and ruck, but most importantly it has taught me the importance of teamwork and leadership on and off the field. On the field, teamwork is essential due to the fact that this is a contact sport played without pads or any sort of protection. When a teammate goes down, he has to have support for the sake of safety and possession. During the game, stepping up and observing the downfalls is crucial to the fixing of mistakes that could potentially be the key to a win. As a club off the field,we do community service in the local community, take hikes as a team, and watch out for each other academically so we could all be able to play.

The biggest perk of being in Rugby in my opinion is the fact that we get to travel both in and out of state to play. Most of the time, when we out of state, it is to participate in a tournament. Last year we traveled to Flagstaff to play in a tournament hosted by NAU, and not to long after we played in a tournament in Albuquerque. Aside from tournaments, we play in the Rio Grande Rugby Union, which includes New Mexico State, the University of New Mexico, and the University of Texas El Paso  (UTEP). The most recent game we had was against UTEP, in El Paso. Traveling to these different schools is a way at least for me to get out and see new places, while still being with my teammates. At the end of the day,win or lose, we are just a bunch of Engineering students, (nerds), that just want to have fun and play rugby.